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FSSAI Consultants in MumbaiFSSAI Consultants In Mumbai

FSSAI -Food Safety & Standard Authority of India has been established under food safety act in 2011.

Since FSSAI is new, & there is no clear understanding from FSSAI as how to apply for FSSAI license , how to find consultants of it the job of food business operator (FBO) becomes very difficult. To overcome these problems Hire a FSSAI Consultant who accelerates your Licensing, Registeration Process.

It is clearly mentioned that any person who deals in food business activity or is involved any way close to food needs to have FSSAI license or Registration*

*FSSAI License & Registration both come under the same act but they have different meaning and thereby their application is different. There are many factors which tells about which category a Food Business Operator falls into.

The easy and smart way to get FSSAI License, FSSAI registration or FSSAI Product Approval is to hire a consultant.

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Not just Mumbai, if you are located anywhere in Maharashtra or even India, you can always hire FSSAI Consultants.

FSSAI Consultants in Mumbai

Food Business Operators from places in Mumbai like Andheri, Bandra, Borivali, Dadar, Ghatkopar, Thane, Navi Mumbai and many more places can hire FSSAI Consultants. Why you should hire FSSAI Consultants:

  • FSSAI Consultants  guide & consult you on licensing procedure & documentation
  • Consult on submission of all paper work for licensing
  • FSSAI Consultant  Help  you to comply by the law  &  protect yourself from the consumer
  • Provide Guidance on  other queries with respect to the manufacture, handling, sale, distribution, packing, service, storage, import & approval of food & beverage products.

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